Tuesday, September 16, 2014

last week

Tuesday looked like this....
blood work for William
volleyball game with this girl doing amazing,
 she even got to play with the 8th grade team!
then the pep rally at the PTA meeting...
Wed. looked like this...
another volleyball game, this girl rocked and even played with the 8th grade team!
...and cardio for this guy.
Thursday looked like this...
endocrinology appointment for William and a football game...
Friday morning looked like this, one happy boy with a visit from the tooth fairy...
and the afternoon looked like this with a kiddie cheer camp performance...
Student of the month for August, so I'm a little late posting :)
this boy and his dog.....
he opened the window and sat in it while the dog made sure he didn't get out.
Brooke at a friend's party (they went skating like this, oh to be young again)

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

tooth and heart

 An exciting day around this house. 
William stayed home today as he had a cardiology appointment. 
We have completed all school work and have been talking about the Statue of Liberty since that is what he is missing.
After bringing the girls to school he pulled his tooth. 
Blood everywhere.
I pull over and he couldn't be happier.
Me on the other hand?
no thanks to the blood.
When we got home he called Daddy to tell him the news and that
 the tooth fairy was coming for a visit.
Cardiology was also today and we have another one year warranty.
Brave boy, again!

When the Tooth Fairy heard you lost a tooth,
do you know what she did?
She made a map to visit you
'cause you're a special kid!
First she got your home address
and checked her fairy map.
Then she flew to your place
where she saw your brand new "gap"
Of course, she took your worn-out tooth,
just like she's always done,
But, she's left you something nice instead
to help you have some fun!
- Author Unknown

fall is in the air

Don't get me wrong it is still hot as Hades but at moments
if you try hard, you can feel the crisp air
(like at 7am).
Fall will be here before we know it.
  It's coming although summer will be here for another good month or so.
Plants aren't withered to near death each afternoon due to heat.
Caterpillars emerge.

AND, football season has begun!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


William is such a lucky kid. He's got to have the sweetest "runner"/buddy a boy could ask for. His Texas buddy, Harriet a hard worker and is determined in all she does. 
 She recently finished an ironman and graciously sent my guy a shirt and awesome medal,
which he thinks is sooooo cool! 
The chicken, you ask? 
Well, this is how we roll. 
 He would NOT smile for a picture,
 when he asked to hold the chicken I told him he 
could catch it if he would take a picture with his medal for Ms. Harriet. 
 He kindly agreed.
What can I say?
Bribery works.

Jr High football jamboree


Sunday, August 31, 2014

oh so random

found these old pictures of my guy, so happy.
See "people with Down syndrome aren't always happy."....

 The past three weeks have turned into an absolute blur so the pictures are a blur of what we have been doing.  The kids all like their teachers, thankfully.  Brooke has made a travel softball team so twice a week she has practice along with Catherine's cheer and volleyball practice every day and volleyball games as well as football games that will be starting next week.  Needless to say we have been running in every direction, but it is working.
  Three weeks of school down and can I tell you how I can't wait for summer?  Tomorrow we will be off for Labor day and this momma is happy!
High school has been great for Ragan, she's met a lot of kids through the softball team (they are all in PE together).  This picture is from the Sunrise breakfast (@9am) for freshmen and their parents.
Brooke saw this car parked next to us and decided to take a selfie with the message on the window, b/c that's how she rolls.
Doesn't everyone hit the exercise bikes in Academy?
Little cowboy. 
William's friend came over one day after school and did homework before playing.
 William sharing his "About me bag".
 Brooke and a few "friends" .
 William and his buddy.
  Lunch date at Sam's, b/c this is William's new"hangout".
How was that for random?