Thursday, December 18, 2014

DIY Sharpie mugs

Need a quick and easy little happy for someone? 
 I've been eyeing these mugs for the past year on Pinterest.  I just knew they had to be harder than they were made to look.  Tutorials I was reading must have been leaving something out.
Guess what...
They weren't!
Here's how to make these darling and super easy Sharpie mugs...
mugs (Dollar Tree purchase)
Sharpie markers (oil base is best)
fingernail polish remover or alcohol
paper towels
First, wipe the mugs with alcohol or fingernail polish remover to remove any grease/dirt/oil. 
You can find all sorts of ideas on Pinterest, just search "sharpie mugs".  Find your favorite phrase, picture, or Bible verse to put on your mug.
Begin writing away to make your creation. 
 I asked my daughter to do all of the writing since my handwriting is that of a second grader...better know as chicken scratch.  Yep, that's my handwriting.  Anyway, back to my daughter's penmanship.  It is amazing and she can copy any font you put in front of her. That pretty much rocks when you need something written neatly.
We used tape to help keep lines straight on our mugs.
If you decide you do not like your masterpiece or there is something not quite right, simply dab a paper towel in the fingernail polish remover and wipe.  The Sharpie comes right off.

Once you have your design complete, set your mug aside for 24 hours. (I have not tested this part but most tutorials recommend waiting 24 hours before baking, so wait I did).  After 24 hours, pop them into a cold oven.  Turn oven onto 425 degrees, once the oven has reached that temp., bake for 25 minutes.  Turn oven off allowing the mugs to remain in the oven to cool slowly.
Fill with candy, hot chocolate mix and marshmallows, coffee, etc., wrap in tissue paper or burlap and place in cellophane bag with a cute ribbon and you have a "little something" for your child's teacher, mailman, coworker, therapist, etc.

looking back at christmas 2010 & 2011

Excuse me while I reminisce ....
going through old photos so get ready for some oldies but goodies.
My poor boy got RSV for the first time and pneumonia ....
the week before Christmas.
I remember sitting in the ER for 7 hours with a lethargic little guy not eating or drinking.  By the next morning he was literally jumping from the chair onto the bed like a wild child.  He was so wound up on Albuterol, that was the first time he took it as he usually had other meds for his nebulizer.
The highlight of the four days there was Santa! 
He came ever day with a big sleigh filled with toys.
That's one Christmas we will not forget.
Thankfully we made it home before Christmas and were all home together.

  Christmas 2011

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

weekely catch-up

From the sound of things our little community is not the only place that's been hit hard with sicknesses. 
We've been struck with flu and strep.
 Today is the first day in a week that William has not had a sister home with him.
Brooke stayed home last Wed.-Friday with some crazy who knows what(maybe a form of flu), we didn't go to the dr. bc she never got sick enough to go but def. too sick to go to school.  She had a terrible migraine and once the medicine wore off she crashed hard and ended up taking 5-6 hour naps then going back to bed just a couple hours later.
Monday ,Catherine woke up with strep.
 Yep, it's exam week.
Thankfully she's is a very good student and will be just fine.
So this is what she looks like when she is sick.
If I could only look that good when I felt fine.
William can't get enough of his sisters so we just cross our fingers he doesn't get infected.
Thank you Target for providing a little photo op (germ fest) in the middle of the clothing isle.
Totally obsessed with his hens...
seems like every day there is another cute photo of he and one of the chickens.
This particular one puts up with lots of love....
In the midst of the sickies last week, William lost another tooth.  Well the basketball knocked it out but it was very wiggly.  So glad it came out, we were all getting tired of hearing about it ;)
The weather has been nothing less than perfect here. 
Warm enough that some of us are still wearing summer clothes.....not me, I'm always cold!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


We actually have an appointment with Santa Friday but couldn't resist stopping by to see him at the local town hall.  I dread the lines of waiting, will William stand still? AND if he does last through the entire line of whiney kids will he be excited to see him or be over the whole thing and want to go home?  You never know.
This time was great, the line was very short and none of the kids prior to us cried.  The closer we got the more excited he got.  It's fun when your child can tell you how you how he/she feels.  He told Santa what he wanted (a cow and horse) got his toy car, jumped down and had his face painted like spider man.
Look at that expression when he was shown a mirror! 
We made a quick run to MiMi and Pops' house after bc I had a feeling we would hear the firetruck coming....and we did!

Sunday, December 14, 2014


It all began when we were 17, our fist date. 
Who knew it would turn into this years later.
 Happy 17th anniversary to the one who truly is my rock.
  He is not only a wonderful husband but an awesome dad to our children. 
I love you.

Friday, December 12, 2014

gingerbread houses

Seems like yesterday we had to help five little girls put frosting on their gingerbread houses so they could decorate while a little baby boy sleep in our arms.
Now, they do everything on their own, adults don't seem as cool and helpful as they once were and that baby creates his own gingerbread houses.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

another birthday gone by

Today would be Leslie's 39th birthday. She was the funniest, craziest, and most kind sister anyone could ask for. 
 We miss you.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

goodbye November, hello December

Just a few photos from Nov. that got stuck in the blogosphere....
Brooke's travel team added a tournament a couple of weeks ago but is over(not practice) until the holidays.
I don't get many pictures of Ragan but I ran across this one and I love it...
my carline entertainment...
MiMi is always up for a game of basketball with William when we visit...
science lesson?
frogs gross me out but didn't bother this boy.
clay night with a buddy
Goodbye November.