Wednesday, April 16, 2014


These two are the sweetest of friends. 
(brave girls tackle the tiger...)
We are so lucky to have such precious girls in our lives as our daughters' friends
Saturday was LSU's softball ovarian cancer awareness game, hence the aqua and not purple and gold.

so over it

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Monday, April 14, 2014

for the love of tball

 It's no secret I love
kids in out field building dirt piles as the ball rolls by
the ballerinas twirling around at first base
potty breaks at any given moment
children catching bugs and picking flowers when they are in outfield
high fives amongst both teams while they are base
life doesn't get much better than this.
I would love to know what William is telling his Daddy as he stops at first base.
Maybe he is begging for a snowball after the game.

 getting someone out at home!
 Typically the kids hit off of the tee,
 but this year some of the kiddos are being pitched to by the coach,
 if they don't hit the ball they will get a chance to hit off of the tee.
William hit the ball pretty far when one of his coaches pitched it to him!
 running to first!
 ...and home!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

honor roll

Last week was honor roll breakfast.
I can't believe we are in our last few weeks of school.
I can almost feel summer.
Way to go girls!
Ragan made honor roll too but she has boycotted this little blog.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

teeth, medal and a wedding

It's been a fun past several days.  Incase you've missed it on instagram....
William's Irun4 buddy, Harriett, has run in yet another race this past weekend but for St. Patty's day she ran in one and he got a special shirt and medal in the mail from her.
We thank you Harriet!!
William's is so proud of you and his medal.
 This kid lost another tooth Monday night.
He was eager to hop into bed so the tooth fairy could bring him money in the morning.
 putting his tooth under the pillow...
 Saturday we attended a precious wedding and had a great time with our dear friends.
The kids stayed with some of our other friends while we were you know what a feeling it is to feel comfortable leaving your kids (especially William) and know he/they are safe and having fun? Love you guys!
cRazY photo booth photos

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Annie Sloan ~Florence obsession

 I think I'm in love. What shall I name her?
I've been putting off buying Annie Sloan because, well she just isn't cheap....and what if I don't like it....and the color is all wrong....and.....
When my SIL was in town recently, we went out to lunch and happened to eat right next to the little shop which sells Annie Sloan chalk paint.
  Isn't it so quaint?
The inside is just as sweet.
With all of the colors available it was quite simple choosing "Florence",
the perfect pop of Turquoise I've been searching for. 
 I also bought clear wax because I did not need the dark undertones as the piece was already dark and made that work while covering the cracks and corners. 
I picked this old sewing machine table to paint that once belonged to my grandmother, it has been in my foyer for some time. As I look at this photo I think how boring it really was. I think I heard it call to me, "Paint me, paint me!"
I covered the table with the first coat of ASCP.  If you are doing your first piece you do not have to stress over painting neatly.  Paint in different directions not worrying about perfection.
The second coat I kept pretty thin but is simple to make look thicker.  After the 2nd coat was dry I began sanding and scuffing with a very light sanding block.  The great thing about this paint is that you can also take a lightly damp rag and rub away the paint which achieves the same look.  I did not paint the cracks of this piece so I did not have to work hard at getting the dark wood to show through.  The corners and natural edges were scuffed until I achieved the desired look.
The wax is applied with a brush and rubbed in with a clean lint free cloth.  Be sure not to skip this step or your paint will have a chalky feel and will begin to rub off after some wear.
Now that I have the paint fever, I think I will try painting a new
headboard, dresser and mirror we just got for Ragan's bedroom.

Do you use ASCP or did you make your own?
What is your favorite color?

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Sunday, April 6, 2014

...looks like this

before the game looks like this....
outfield looks like this...
first base with dad coaching looks like this ....
making it home looks like this...
the beautiful spring flowers looks like this....
and this....
and this...
the chicks look like this...
 What does you day look like?

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Fool's Day

It's hard to prank kids before school when they aren't super perky morning people (must take after their mom). 
I found some good pranks online last night but fact is I really don't want to have
 to clean up the messes because then the prank is on ME! 
I was going to freeze a bowl of cereal last night before I went to bed but I realized we were low on milk and we would not have enough in the morning but I did happen to drop a few drops of food coloring in the gallon.
As I poured cereal this morning and asked what happened to the milk in their bowls I realized if this freaked William out it could totally throw him off for the day.
Possible ultimate fail.
Well, he didn't mind and actually it didn't phase him at all.
I tried my best again when I made grits and eggs for Brooke. 
 I told her I cut my finger pretty bad and I got some blood in the eggs
 *ahem* hope you don't mind some bloody eggs. (red food coloring in the eggs)
She reached for her eggs, and grits, looked at me like I was crazy and said nothing.
Catherine has some pretty fun teachers so she was pranked quite
 a few times throughout the day at school.
When the kids got home I had a little snack waiting for them.
 I figured if I didn't get them this morning I could try after school and redeem myself.
On the menu:
Brown-Es and Kool aid (jello)

Don't worry there were real brownies hiding as William asked, "Really Mom? Really?"