Thursday, April 9, 2015

easter 2015

 Easter Sunday does not look anything like Christmas around here.  Christmas morning everyone has to wait for the others before looking under the tree.  Easter on the other hand usually works out that the girls and William sleep as late as they want and each one goes through their basket as they get up. This results in no group pictures with baskets as I used to get when they were younger and eager to have photos taken.  The older girls were home for Easter but you would never know by the looks of the following photos. 
 The bunny hides the eggs we dyed and the kids look for them once everyone is awake.

 Later in the afternoon I hide plastic eggs with candy for another hunt!

Saturday, April 4, 2015


After dying eggs William decided to show his hen what we did with some
 of the eggs she kindly laid for us. 
We think she liked them.
Catherine and S and their idea of being "artsie"...

After dying eggs on a yet another gorgeous day we went inside for a little break, when I returned the sun was setting leaving a beautiful light behind the freshly dyed eggs...I couldn't resist a few photos.
such beautiful vibrant colors...

Friday, April 3, 2015

nine! / annual easter egg hunt

It's taken me 9 years to take my own advice. 
Keep it small.
Low key.
No pressure.
Familiar surroundings.
Could not have asked for a better day or sweeter group of kids
 to celebrate William's 9th birthday with on this very Good Friday.
So very thankful for the friends my boy has.

spring break

 This week the girls have been off for spring break.  The more vacations they get the more ready I become for summer.  We've had quite a busy week so far and today we are having our annual Easter egg hunt/William's birthday party.  William has been wanted an "egg hunt party" for a couple of months so I decided to combine the two.
The day before spring break we celebrated the middle grades honor roll breakfast.

 All of us went to Brooke's tournament...
passing time with the silly crew...

William and my niece...

 One of the teachers I work will let me bring home her butterfly habitat for William and the girls to enjoy the luna moths and butterflies

 Birthday time with the best "step sister" ever and her brother...
 Last weekend Catherine went with a friend and her mom to get their hair done and then to NOLA...