Tuesday, July 7, 2015

just keep swimming, just keep swimming...

"Don't stop practicing once you get it right, keep practicing until you can't get it wrong."
 I am beyond proud of my little guy. 
8 days ago I brought him to the pool and told him we were
 going to practice swimming without his vest on. 
With hesitation he took it off and held on to me gulping water along the way.
Before we left I knew it would be a long road ahead but we would not be giving up.
My fears got in the way before and now he is nine learning to swim.
  I should have done this years ago.
Every imaginable thought went through my head while being pretty rough on myself. 
The time is now, this time we are going to do it.
No excuses, this is my commitment to him.
 By day 3 he was practicing jumping in the pool
with his vest on but going under completely,
guess what....
he came up and he wasn't choking on water. 
 he did that again.and.again.and.again. 
Almost 20 min. jumping in and out diving with head complete submerged, never choking once.
Huge for William, he is going under water and knows now 
not to suck the water in!
By the end of this session he realized that he could touch on the bottom of the pool. 
 Now that he had the ability to touch and try to swim on his own he began trying and he was doing it.  Baby steps but he was getting the hang of it AND it was only the third day!
 Sunday as we swam he was jumping into the pool and swimming to the edge without a vest.  He also knows that if he gets tired he can put his feet down and touch which is so important since there are many drownings in shallow waters.
 Words cannot express how proud I am of him and his determination.
I am eager to see what the next couple of weeks bring as
he gets stronger and braver in the water.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Swamp Tour

 It really gives you a sense of relief when you go on a
 little field trip and see this lovely sign, especially when you have one child in the group
 (no names mentioned) who doesn't think anything will hurt him

 ...see what I mean?
 This alligator was much closer than he looked and
this boy who is remaining unnamed wanted to get into the water. 
It is also the same little boy who woke up this morning crying and not wanting
to go because he didn't want the alligators to eat him.
Go figure!

I have been on swamp tours two other times with school field trips
and I have to say this was the best ever.
The alligators were unreal and we saw more than we could even keep track of.

 what a serious face...
 The swamp is also filled with other creatures and
 there were more raccoons than we could have imagined.
  a cemetery in the middle of the swamp...
 ...and one lonesome grave.
 Another creature we saw plenty of were these larger than life
grasshoppers which were almost as big as the palm of your hand. 

Monday, June 29, 2015

penguins, sharks and sting rays...oh MY!

If it's too hot to be outside in this Louisiana heat/humidity
there is plenty to do inside. 
 The aquarium provides hours of fun for everyone.
 petting the stingrays... 
 Parakeet Point
 If these fretful faces aren't perfect for the way they felt, nothing is.
They did warm up to the birds though.
proud of the bird on his stick...
He likes the parakeets but the penguins are hands down his favorite!