Friday, July 18, 2014

just killin' time

When "Share a Coke with..." was marketed they sure knew what they were doing.  We've bought cokes we really didn't need but purchased b/c of the name more times than I would like to admit.  When we arrived for the state tournament this past week the Brooke and her friend found Share a Coke with your Team.
Fat heads were a huge hit for the kids and at the fields.
Most of these photos need little or no explanation, just remember we were in a town with virtually nothing to do, so we made our own fun...
Everyday we spend time in the pool and each night after the games we swam past 11.
On John's birthday the entire team went out to eat together, the waitresses sang Happy Birthday to him.
Brooke, totally exhausted....the black eye is looking better but is still discolored.
A few moms and I took the kids to the mall....what a sight.
Little brother problems. 
 Out of the twelve players and all of their siblings the total of boys were 3.
This is how we found William after every game....arm around dad's neck close as can be.

playing spoons...
before each game the entire team and siblings gathered in the lobby for hair parties. The girls all wore their hair identical to each other and had fun doing this.

We went to a seafood restaurant, the hit of the night?.....
...the boys walking down and finding hundreds of fish and turtles.
When the moms get bored it gets serious....our midnight run out to the parking lot.....with a lot of help from of children.
hallway parties (we had many of these)

Thursday, July 17, 2014

lordy, lordy looks who's 4-0

Scratch that of my bucket list of places to travel ~ insert sarcasm ~ 
 If you don't follow me on Instagram we just returned from Alexandria, LA. let me save you time: THERE IS NOTHING TO DO THERE.
However, you can check out our hashtag challenge #thingstodoinalexandria if you don't want to take my word for it.
With that being said we were with and amazing group of 12 girls and their families for the state softball tournament and we really did make the best of our time and had tons of fun.
 The first night we were there we decided to have a little surprise birthday party for the coach.  He went to a meeting and while he was gone the girls transformed the breakfast room into a party with streamers and balloons.  He was surprised when he got back which made me feel great b/c I never pull a fast one on him.

 The girls picked a pink birthday crown which coach/dad didn't even realize for quite some time.

Once we went to bed some of the girls decorated our door so the next morning when he woke on his birthday this is what he saw.

 We took a trip to the local zoo with a few families the next day for. The zoo was small but easy to stay together unlike the Audubon which we are used to.