Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Homecoming 2014

I say it often but how in the world did I become a parent of a high school age child?
  Really, I was there just several years ago it seems.
This weekend was full of fun and it began with Homecoming...

Saturday, September 27, 2014

my words exactly!!

a little of everything

 My once upon a time ago shy girl has more of a social life than most people I know.  She was the one who hid under the table at 4 years old as we sang "Happy Birthday."  Having attention brought to her was virtually as painful as it could get.  She's turned into quite a social butterfly and with her sweet friends we don't mind a bit.
This weekend Catherine is with friends at a fishing camp for one of the girl's birthday.
Last weekend while John and I got away for the night she stayed with another sweet friend and went to her church.  
I am always thankful for the pictures sent to me by moms.
 Wed. was "prayer at the flagpole"  I know this is done in many schools around the country.  Does your school participate?  It is student lead and very clear that staff is not "in charge" of getting this together.  I love it and wish it was something they did each day, it's such a calming way to start a morning....students, parents and staff holding hands and saying a prayer if they choose.
(this is what happens when you continue making faces while I try to take a photo)
  Volleyball is coming to an end as this week is tournaments. What a season it has been! 
The 7th grade team has been amazing for their first time playing, I think it is safe to say they have surprised us all. They are going to rock next year!!!
 Catherine found one of our favorite people, Ms. P. and quickly posed with her.
We love you Pitt!
 William has missed the Dr. so we took a little trip to get diagnosed with a double ear infection, BLAH.:(

 Brooke, AKA the baby whisperer, loves to go to Aunt N's house to play with her great grandson (Brooke's 3rd cousin).  Every time he cries we give him to B and she makes him stop.
 Even William has to get his turn, but the dog is much more fun in his opinion.
 We have a lot going on this weekend so I may have more than a weekly post this week.
Stay tuned......

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Downsed conference 2014

This post may sit here for the next month or so if I don't hit "publish" now.
UP21 Foundation is grateful to have hosted Downsed International in St. Tammany last Thursday and Friday.  The turn out was phenomenal with the 200 spots held by the parish for teachers, SLP's and admins. as well as approx.100 parents in attendance.  I am thankful for such an amazing group of ladies to work with on our board and proud to call them friends. 
Sue Buckley, Becky and Kelly were such fun and down to earth people. 
We enjoyed every minute we had chatting with them throughout the days. Hopefully we will see them again soon in St. Tammany!

Monday, September 22, 2014

happy heart day~8 years

 You can't imagine what it is like to hand your baby over for open heart surgery unless you have been in those shoes. 
We did it 8 years ago to the day.
 Looking back it seems so long ago in some ways but in other ways it seems like yesterday.
  I specifically remember three babies in that ICU and their entire stories.
  I remember the fear the first time I saw my baby on the vent and more tubes, drains and wires than one could imagine. 
The nurses and doctors were better than we could have asked for.
 I remember the amazing gestures of love poured over us by family and friends. 
 Once upon a time ago I couldn't imagine how I could get past this one day in particular, one that had been dreaded for many months. 
 We survived it, got past it and grew from this experience.
Today, we have a handsome 8 year old.
Happy heart day big boy, we love you.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

just travel

It may not be the "travel" you would choose but
travel softball is what this girl breathes.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

last week

Tuesday looked like this....
blood work for William
volleyball game with this girl doing amazing,
 she even got to play with the 8th grade team!
then the pep rally at the PTA meeting...
Wed. looked like this...
another volleyball game, this girl rocked and even played with the 8th grade team!
...and cardio for this guy.
Thursday looked like this...
endocrinology appointment for William and a football game...
Friday morning looked like this, one happy boy with a visit from the tooth fairy...
and the afternoon looked like this with a kiddie cheer camp performance...
Student of the month for August, so I'm a little late posting :)
this boy and his dog.....
he opened the window and sat in it while the dog made sure he didn't get out.
Brooke at a friend's party (they went skating like this, oh to be young again)