Wednesday, March 4, 2015

happy birthday Pitt!

Happy, happy, happy birthday to our most fave person ever. 
 You are loved by many, we love you Pitt!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

celebrate nine!

 Happy birthday to our sweet boy. 
 You rocked our world when you were born yet you never cease to amaze us.
You are a confident, determined, smart funny nine year old who is loved by so many people around you. 
Your sweet smile and infectious laugh draws people near, we are beyond proud of you. 
You made our family complete. 
We love you more than you know William.
 (waking up this morning surrounded with balloons)
 sweet time with Ragan and Brooke while Catherine missed the excitement....
 ...and birthday breakfast

Thursday, February 19, 2015

crazy hair

This time of year the static electricity is unreal, add a trampoline in the mix and you get some pretty wild hair dos.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Mardi Gras 2015

The trees in NOLA probably resemble this photo this morning, oh how I miss going to the parades in the city. 
Yesterday was Mardi Gras and we are off all week long!!!!
Mardi Gras 2015 is seriously lacking in photos b/c I have children that no longer want to be photographed unless they are taking selfies, sticking out their tongues or throwing up peace signs.....tis the season of teens and pre teens.
Yesterday was literally freezing for our first parade AND this is the only photo I have of our kiddos, thankfully a friend took it and sent it to me.
Ragan is such a great sister and is now designated William personal ladder.

The second parade we went to was one our little traditions.  We go to Ms. P's house every year along with many others from our community and school. 
We all love her and is like family to all.
Monday we had a visit from my niece and her fiancé, it was wonderful to spend time with them.


 Spring is showing up everywhere we look,
beautiful signs
and hope warmer weather is coming to stay.
The grass it a little greener
the birds sing louder
and the days are growing longer.
I could be wrong but these two may be devising a plan.

Monday, February 16, 2015




I love the pictures that I get from my girls. 
Here are a few more from last week when we participated in one of the local parades with friends.
 William rode half of the time with our friend pulling the trailer while he threw his goodies, as soon as he was done he wanted to be with us throwing beads.


One tired boy after a long day of parading...
 a few photos from other parades with friends..

soccer, valentine's day and LSU

This week we are off for Mardi Gras! 
Be jealous my out of state friends, be very jealous, or come visit.
No waking up early and no rushing around.
Practices are in the afternoon and nothing tomorrow except parades.
I may actually get more than one post up this week as these kiddos around her sleep and I mean they sleep late.
Last week was William's first official soccer game and was this kid excited, the "new, new" jersey made him beyond proud. 
Valentine's day has come and gone and I am going to admit today that my kids just aren't into it like they were when they were little.  The traditional streamers from the hallway to the living room were exciting for William but more of a bother for the others.  That's ok though the traditions will be memories and one day they will create their own with their little ones.
I did beg for one picture, or should I say bribe? 
I told them I would give them their goodie bags if they took a picture.
It worked, we were all happy. 
 Yesterday we spent at LSU watching the tigers play softball, what a perfect day.
 getting posters signed...
  I loved listening to Brooke tell stories of the players she met from the past two softball camps she has attended.

 When we told William it was time to go he told us he had to think about it....this is his thinking look...

 Mike was sleeping and there was no waking in sight.